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Garage Door Springs

The strongest always carries the burden and, in the case of garage doors the credit should be given to the extension springs, which are responsible for the equal balance of the door on both sides and your safety as you are passing underneath the door. That’s why you should never neglect to maintain them and fix garage door spring problems.

Of course, you must never attempt fixing them on your own because garage door spring repair is much more dangerous than you would ever imagine. Do you know that a snapped spring can actually hurt you fatally? These tasks must be left to the professionals of Garage Door Springs Ottawa because they have the right equipment and the knowhow of handling them with safety. Their danger hides in their main property, which is their flexibility; springs are just springs wound under enormous pressure, which if released without attention can become a deadly weapon.

They usually last about six years, but the good maintenance and lubrication of Garage Door Springs Ottawa can prolong their lives and keep them strong enough to fulfill their purpose and safe enough for your family. We are experts on all kinds and brands and can consult you whether you will need galvanized ones or a torsion spring for your mechanism.

Our experience and knowledge will also come in handy when you will replace the panel and you will want an expert’s opinion about the need to replace torsion spring as well. Of course, our technical competence and excellent equipment will be ideal for the garage door spring replacement procedure, which will guarantee safety and excellent operation of the door.